Remember to Bring Proper Documentation to Mass Vaccination Events Today at DMVs in Georgetown & Delaware City

Delaware Public Health officials are hoping to vaccinate over 13,000 Delawareans this weekend at mass vaccination events in Georgetown and Delaware City. If you scheduled an appointment for a vaccination event today (Sunday), here are reminders to make your vaccination and the event go more smoothly:

  • You must complete the Pre-screening Questionnaire by clicking the questionnaire link in your appointment confirmation email. You received more than one email from the CDC after you made your appointment so make sure to read them all.
  • This form is a series of questions that begins “Do you feel sick today?” If you did not see that question, your pre-screening questionnaire has not been
  • Please log into your VAMS account at with the username and password. You created this username and password to select your appointment.
  • On your Recipient Portal, click on the link that says “Action Required: Please complete the Pre-screening Questionnaire for your upcoming appointment.”
  • A list of questions will appear. Please complete and submit the questions so staff on-site does not need to complete it for you.
  • Wait times may be lengthy despite signing up for a particular time slot, so please plan ahead. You should consider what snacks or medications you may need to bring. Additionally, access to restroom facilities is limited.
  • Please bring photo ID and proof of residency as staff will check both to verify you live in Delaware and are age 65 or older.

Based on the experience at Saturday’s vaccination events, these are the steps that will decrease wait times and lines at our large vaccination events.