Rep. Harris Scuffles With Democratic Lawmaker On House Floor


Tempers flared in the US House during debate on the certification of the presidential election.

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris (R-Md.), who represents the Eastern Shore, got into an argument with Congressman Colin Allred (D-Tex.). Witnesses report that the two had to be separated as the discussion was on the verge of getting physical.

Fox News Radio Correspondent Chad Pergram said the argument broke out as the House was debating the slate of Pennsylvania electors.

“There was a dust-up on the floor about whether or not some language use on the House floor by Congressman Conor Lamb (D- Pa.) was appropriate. Then you had Andy Harris and Colin Allred almost get into fisticuffs in the back of the chamber,” Pergram reported. “You could actually see a flood of members going back toward the rear of the chamber.”

Harris and Allred were separated.