Representative Gerald Brady Announces Resignation from State House


District 4 Representative Gerald Brady (D)
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Rep. Gerald Brady issued the following statement Friday:

“I am announcing my resignation from the Delaware House of Representatives, effective Friday, February 4, 2022. I do so with deep regret and sadness, but I remain grateful for the nearly 16 years of service I was privileged to render of behalf of my neighbors and my community.

“As you know, I served my country honorably during the Middle Eastern conflicts of the last two decades as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard. As a result of my deployment, I lost the majority of my hearing and have been dealing with the challenges it presents daily. Just like many thousands of my fellow veterans returning home with wartime injuries, I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.)

“The grim reality of this condition for those of us who live with it is long periods of silent suffering, which can be punctuated by episodes or conduct that may make little sense to people who do not understand the nature of PTSD. The challenges that returning veterans face can create situational stresses, which have a cumulative effect and take a great toll on an individual. Personal and professional challenges or other traumatic events can exacerbate PTSD.

“Recognizing the severity of this situation, I am taking steps to address these issues directly. I would ask anyone who knows someone who served to look after their loved ones and identify warning signs of PTSD and mental health issues. Early detection and intervention is critical.

“I will not have any further comment at this time. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.”


House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf issued the following statement regarding Rep. Gerald Brady’s announcement Friday:

“I’ve known Gerald Brady for a long time and have been proud to serve alongside him in the House these past 16 years. Gerald has been a kind and empathetic representative who knows the residents of his district. I have always been impressed by how well he knows their stories, their families and their challenges. It’s that personal touch that has made him a good, responsive elected official for so many years.

“Legislatively, Gerald was a strong advocate for environmental issues and workers’ rights and fair wages. Last year, he led the fight on two landmark bills: passing a $15 minimum wage law and prohibiting single-use plastic bags in stores. These laws will have a profound and positive impact on Delaware for years to come.

“That’s why my heart breaks about this news. Our first and foremost thoughts are that Gerald gets the help he needs. Publicly admitting that he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is an important first step in this journey. PTSD is a serious condition that affects far more veterans than we realize, and its impacts are often felt in very different ways. Gerald has served his community, his state and his country honorably for decades, and I hope that Delawareans join me in wishing Gerald all the best in his recovery.”

A special election for the seat will be governed by Title 15, Chapter 71 of the Delaware Code. Under that code, the Speaker would issue a writ of election within 10 days of the vacancy occurring. The writ would set the date for the special election, which must take place between 30-35 days from when the writ is issued. In short, this means that a writ can be issued anytime from the day the vacancy occurs until 10 days later, which would set a special election 30-35 days after the writ is issued.