Resources Rolled Out for Application Process for Delaware Nonprofit Support Fund


On September 9, in conjunction with Governor John Carney, County Executive Matt Meyer, the collaborative partnerships of DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, the Delaware Community Foundation, Philanthropy Delaware, and United Way of Delaware, a substantive grant program exclusively for nonprofits was announced. $25 Million has been set aside for nonprofits through two grants as part of the Delaware Nonprofit Support Program.

Today, the collaborative group launched a web portal ( to assist nonprofits with understanding all of the current funding options for CARES Act money. This portal will enable nonprofits to quickly identify grant opportunities and then link through to detailed descriptions and criteria for qualification.

Coming the week of September 21, DANA will be releasing a series of webinars that will train nonprofits on completing grant applications for Parts I & II of the Delaware Nonprofit Support Program. For nonprofits in need of more in-depth assistance, the DANA team will stand ready to help with answering questions and to walk nonprofits through completing successful applications. Nonprofits can request help by emailing or by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the web portal.

Applications will officially open on October 5, 2020. It is expected that there will be three rounds of funding, with the first round closing by October 16, 2020. These grants are compliance-based and are non-competitive. All nonprofits who meet the qualifications are encouraged to apply.

  • “We are very excited about the launch of these resources. While working with the State and New Castle County in developing this opportunity, our collaborative was very cognizant to make these grants non-competitive and equitable among all nonprofits. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to submit a complete application and DANA can help you do that,” said Sheila Bravo, CEO of DANA.
  • “Our full goal is to get money to every nonprofit that qualifies,” Delaware Community Foundation President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay said. “Nonprofit organizations have been playing a critical role in keeping Delaware going, great work is being done, and this fund should help provide much needed help.” 
  • “Getting much needed money into the hands of our nonprofits has been our goal since the minute this crisis hit. We are so appreciative that Governor Carney and County Executive Meyer were willing to partner with us to distribute CARES Act funding and reimbursements to these critical community-based organizations. Nonprofits are the only businesses dedicated to serving our local communities and thanks to their work, hundreds of thousands of Delawareans have received vital services and resources during this pandemic and now, many more will too,” said Michelle Taylor, CEO of United Way of Delaware
  • “The philanthropic community believes in supporting a vibrant and sustainable nonprofit community,” said Vernita Dorsey, Board President of Philanthropy Delaware. “This critical funding from the State and County provides an essential resource to help nonprofit organizations respond to the COVID-19 crisis and Philanthropy Delaware is proud to be a partner in this collaborative initiative.”



The Delaware Nonprofit Support Program consists of a government/nonprofit/philanthropy partnership to bring $25 Million of funding to the nonprofit sector in Delaware through the Federal CARES Act. The partners include the State of Delaware, New Castle County, DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, The Delaware Community Foundation, Philanthropy Delaware, and United Way of Delaware. The program consists of two grants – known as Part I and Part II – which are compliance-based, noncompetitive, and have measures in place to ensure equity among nonprofits of various sizes. There will be three rounds of funding. The first round of funding will be open from October 5 – 16. Qualification criteria and applications can be accessed through

  • The first grant, Part I, is specifically for the reimbursement of operational expenses incurred because of COVID-19, such as PPE and technology. This fund will be managed by United Way of Delaware.
  • Part II recognizes that many nonprofits saw an increase in caseloads due to the pandemic and this grant addresses the incremental costs associated with those increased service levels. This part will be administered by the Delaware Community Foundation and Philanthropy Delaware.