Safety Campaign Focuses On Speeding Through Education, Enforcement


Slow down, arrive alive…and don’t pay attention to your ‘speed demon.’ That’s the focus of a new speed awareness campaign begun by the Delaware Office of Highway Safety.

An educational campaign also is joined by a speed limit enforcement campaign, which is underway and lasts through Friday.

According to OHS, the main goal is to reach young adult male drivers who account for the majority of speed-related accidents and fatalities based upon findings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“We want to reach all drivers, but especially the young adult males falling in the age range of 19 to 24, to remind them that ‘you are not invincible’ and there are consequences for speeding,” Delaware Office of Highway Safety Director Kimberly Chesser said. “They are one of Delaware’s greatest speeding offenders, and every year we see the consequences seriously impacting their lives as well as lives beyond their own. These range from injury or death to themselves, their passengers and pedestrians, to higher costs for auto insurance, to inconveniencing themselves and others because their license is suspended.”