Salisbury Adds Corrugated Cardboard to Home Recycling


New Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Procedures

Effective Tuesday may 1, 2018 corrugated cardboard will be collected on your normal trash/recycle collection day, Tuesday thru Friday.

Residents no longer need to call and schedule a cardboard pick-up! Simply place your recyclable cardboard curbside with your trash and recycling on your normal pick-up day!

Cardboard collection for residents of multi-unit dwellings will occur on MondayWednesday, and Friday. Simply place your recyclable cardboard inside the complex trash corral away from the black trash containers.

Boxboard, utilized to package cereals, Kleenex, etc., are recycled in a similar manner to newspaper, and should be placed in your recycle bin.

If possible please flatten out your cardboard

Please do not place corrugated cardboard inside of your trash or recycle container

*You might recognize corrugated cardboard as the type of cardboard that Companies such as amazon use to ship their products!*

All packing content such as styrofoam, plastic wrapping, and foam peanuts must be removed and placed in with your trash. If these materials are not removed, your cardboard may not be collected.