UPDATED: Assault charges dropped against Salisbury councilwoman


UPDATE 3/9: A Salisbury City Council Woman cleared of assault charges. The Maryland State’s Attorney for Wicomico County declined to press charges against Councilwoman April Jackson for her part in a scuffle during the 14th annual “Day in the Park” last August. Instead, the judge presiding over the case found the other woman, Jarenea Mitchell was the instigator and found her guilty of second degree assault charges. On her Facebook page, Jackson said life can sometimes be a history of trials and victories, and thanked god for helping her through.

____________________________________________________________________Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson heads to court today. She will be defending herself against Second degree assault charges stemming from an altercation last August. During the 14th Annual “Day in the Park” Jackson got into an argument with Jarenea Mitchell.

From there the details are muddy, Mitchell claims Jackson grabbed her, ripped her shirt, punched her in the face and bit her. Jackson told police she was breaking up a different fight, when Mitchell approached her and began hitting her. Jackson says she hit Mitchell back, but only in self-defense.

Mitchell was also charged with second degree assault, but the case was put on the stet docket in January, meaning the case is inactive in the court system, but Mitchell was neither convicted nor pled guilty to the charges. Jackson’s trial begins at 1 PM in the Wicomico County Courthouse.