Salisbury Mayor meets with businesses affected by coronavirus


Salisbury Mayor Jake Day is holding a roundtable discussion with businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Greater Salisbury Committee, the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, and Salisbury-Wicomico Economic Development are hosting a special Business Roundtable Tuesday with Mayor Jake Day as the featured guest.

Mayor Day appeared LIVE on WGMD Tuesday morning where he expressed concerns to our Mike Bradley over how businesses are being affected by the State of Emergency closures as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

“It’s like our whole world has changed in just a short week,” Mayor Day explained.

Governor Hogan ordered the closure of bars and restaurants on Monday, expanding the prohibition on gatherings to those of more than 50 people, and announcing a public health surge to bolster Maryland’s capacity and infrastructure to treat patients.

“Federal, state, and local officials are going to have to take drastic actions right now to stop this, the spread of this disease, and we really can’t wait for decisions at the federal level,” Governor Hogan told CNN in an interview following the announcement. “We can’t wait for the guidelines to change tomorrow, so we’re just taking the actions that we believe are absolutely necessary.”

Following the Governor’s action, elected officials in Salisbury took swift action to weigh the economic impact it could have to local businesses by holding the roundtable.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day – Mayor Day’s Twitter – @jacobrday

Mayor Day said the roundtable will provide an opportunity for city leaders to have a dialogue with businesses that will be directly affected.

“Trying to hear and understand what businesses are seeing, feeling, and what the effect has been, and what their concerns are,” Mayor Day said. “What are we going to do about it? How can we help your industry? How can we help your industry? How can we help your industry as a community? What can the rest of us do that would benefit you?”

Some businesses will be really hit hard, while others will remain relatively unchanged, but ultimately the outcome is unknown at this time, according to Mayor Day who emphasized the importance of having such a dialogue with businesses.

The hope of the forum is to develop goals and strategies which can, perhaps, be implemented to support Salisbury’s business community during this unprecedented and trying time.