Salisbury PD Warning of Scam Letters


Salisbury Police are warning of a scam where city residents have received fake letters which look to be from the Salisbury Housing and Community Development Department. The letters in question are simply print-outs of a portion of the City’s municipal code, with certain sections underlined or starred in a slightly passive-aggressive manner.

If you have any reason to suspect that you may have received a fake code enforcement letter, call HCDD directly at 410-341-9550 before you undertake any corrective action. ( See samples of real and faked letters below)

Please look for the following to ensure that the letter you received is real, and not from a self-deputized party:

1. Printed on City letterhead
2. Includes a case number
3. Provides date which infraction was noted
4. Cites specific section of municipal code, and provides resolutions
5. Signed by the issuing Code Enforcement Officer
6. Postmarked in Salisbury