Salisbury Puts Maximum Occupancy Limits in Place for Businesses & Other Public Places

Baker Petroleum

In order to further limit the impact of COVID-19 upon our community, temporary maximum occupancy limits have been enacted for businesses and other public places which are currently allowed to remain open as “essential.”   The limits take effect immediately, and will remain in place until the state of emergency is lifted in Maryland, or otherwise indicated by the Mayor.

The maximum number of occupants allowed inside a store or other space in the near future will be limited proportional to square footage, as indicated by the chart below:

Occupancy ClassificationSales Floor Square FeetMaximum Consumer Load
Class A-1>75,000250
Class A>30,000 – <75,000150
Class B-1>15,000 – <30,00075
Class B>3,000 – <15,00040
Class C<300010

Additionally, all establishments will be required to enforce a minimum of 6’ of separation between patrons in lines both inside and outside the store, and reduce the number of employees working closer than 6 feet together to the extent that they are able.  Finally, all self-service food and beverage access, and all food sampling/tasting is hereby ordered to be suspended until further notice.

As with other actions taken at the State level by Governor Hogan, these temporary occupancy limits are backed by the full weight of the law, and will be enforced accordingly. Anyone who knowingly and willfully violates the limit may be charged with a misdemeanor, and subject to a fine of up to $5,000, and the possibility of up to 90 days in jail.

We understand that adherence to the temporary limits may be difficult at first, but we ask citizens to please approach this new challenge with the same community spirit that has brought us this far. Please remain patient and supportive of your fellow citizens, and stay home as much as you’re able.

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