Salisbury Resumes Routine Parking Enforcement Aug. 3rd


A heads up for commuters and visitors in Wicomico County: Salisbury will resume routine enforcement of parking regulations and violations Monday August 3rd.

Non-permit municipal parking has been free since late March, in an effort to encourage people to support restaurants and businesses during the pandemic.

Any non-permit parking tickets mistakenly issued between March 28th and August 3rd will be voided. “Friendly reminders” will be left on illegally-parked vehicles in the week before August 3rd.

“While parking enforcement can be inconvenient, it is a necessary process for the fair and equitable use of spaces in the downtown area,” Salisbury Director of Field Operations Tom Stevenson said.

Salisbury officials also offer a reminder that parking remains free for up to two hours in lot one, at the corner of South Division Street and Circle Avenue.

“The City continues to encourage citizens and community members to shop and eat locally whenever possible,” Salisbury City Administrator Julia Glanze said. “Many local business owners and employees are still feeling the impacts of COVID-19, and your support is still critical for their success.”