Salisbury WIN – Water Incentive Program – Introduced


Salisbury is opening a new Water Incentive Program to help individuals and families afford their water and / or sewer bills.
The WIN program will consider applications for one-tine payment assistance of up to $2,000.
Mayor Jake Day said this will help to lighten the financial load for for renters and homeowners who meet certain income guidelines.
“We are happy to have the ability to assist our residents with their bills, especially during a time when many families are struggling to make ends meet,” Day said. “The COVID pandemic has brought many financial issues to the surface for our residents across the board. Between bills, healthcare, and rising costs of living, there are more expenses for families to take into account than ever before. If we can take any of that weight off of their shoulders, we want to do that.”

The Water Incentive Program was originally called the Mayor’s Hardship when it was approved and included in the city of Salisbury Fiscal Year 2022 budget. It is similar to the State of Maryland’s Low Income Household Water Assistance Program, which is also available for WIN applicants and recipients.

According to the city:

To qualify for the WIN program, residents must live at the property for which assistance is being provided, submit their most recent water and/or sewer bill, and meet monthly gross income requirements, which are detailed in the application. The requirements for the WIN program are similar to other relief programs in the area, but typically these programs only provide assistance to tenants, not homeowners. 
To apply for the WIN program, please visit Hard copies of the application are available in the Finance office in the Government Office Building at 125 N. Division Street #103, Salisbury, MD 21801. With any questions, please call the Finance office at 410-548-3115.