Salisbury Zoo Welcomes Two New Bisons


The Salisbury Zoo has announced it’s acquiring two young female bisons. Following the death of their male bison last June, the Zoo began searching for compatible companions for their older female bison, Agnes.

Zoo staff searched for available bisons close to their location on the East Coast. The Zoo Registrar found two young female bisons located on a farm in Delaware. They duo was transported to the Zoo on Saturday, March 30. In order to give the bisons time to acclimate with each other, the Zoo closed off several of it’s pathways to keep the area quiet. All paths will reopen on Thursday.

The Salisbury Zoo thanked the Delmarva Zoological Society as well as donations from the Just Zoo It Campaign. The Zoo also noted that in 2016, then-President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act, making the American Bison the official national mammal of the United States.