Sanitary District Legislation in Wicomico County to Become Effective October 1st


In Wicomico County, the implementation of the Water and Sewer Plan has been a top priority of the
administration. The first step of this plan was to get legislation passed to allow Wicomico
County to have a Sanitary District. This legislation unanimously passed in the Spring and will
become effective October 1st. To ensure the success of this plan, the team includes Amanda Pollack, an Engineer for the Center for Watershed Protection, and Head of Engineering, Heather Lankford.   

Additional Information and statement from the Wicomico County Office of County Executive:
“While we are saddened to lose Ms. Lankford as our Acting Deputy Director of Public Works, her
love and passion for Engineering will significantly benefit the County and play a vital role in
establishing the Sanitary District. We know she did not make this choice lightly, but we respect
her wishes and look forward to our continued success on this project.”