UPDATED: SCAM ALERT for Bogus Vaccination Validations by Text Message

The Division of Public Health has been alerted to a potential scam involving text messages that appear to be related to vaccination validation. The messages reference DPH and DelDOT and include a website link that asks for personal information. This text message is BOGUS and is NOT associated with DPH or any other state agency.

As a reminder, DPH will not ask for private information such as Social Security number or driver’s license number. If you receive such a message, do not respond and report it to the Delaware Department of Justice’s Fraud and Consumer Protection Unit at 302-577-8600.

UPDATED: The screenshot to the right is the text message Mari Lou received on her cell phone Sunday afternoon, ironically just a few hours after posting the Scam Alert!

Again – if you get a text message similar to or like this one – do NOT click on the link – or respond to the message.