Seabird Rescued after Fishing Gear Entanglement


Northern Gannet, a seabird that rarely comes to shore, was found on the beach off Olive Avenue this past Tuesday afternoon unable to fly and caught in fishing gear. Fortunately, Dr. Raymond Bryant, a volunteer for Tri-State Bird Rescue, came quickly to its aid. Shown is a photo like the bird he rescued.

“He had a fishing lure caught in one wing and was wrapped in its fishing line,” he said. “I got everything cleared from him but I’m still going to take him up to Tri-State,” Dr. Bryant added. “He should get some antibiotics and he has to be released at sea [as] these are birds that do not come on land at all so hopefully he’ll be alright and [we] will make arrangements to take him back out in the ocean and released there.” This is the actual lure Dr. Bryant untangled from the bird.

Dr. Bryant says birds caught in fishing gear is a common problem encountered in this area. So much so that Tri-State Bird Rescue has created this poster to heighten awareness of the problem.

Photos courtesy Andreas Trepte and Dr. Raymond Bryant.