Seaford seeing new economic surge in downtown development, opportunity


Seaford is seeing a boost in economic development as several new businesses are set to open their doors as part of the town’s push to provide a better way of life and increased opportunity for its residents.

Appearing on the Mike Bradley Show, Seaford Mayor David Genshaw highlighted a number of new businesses that are relocating to the town.

“Our downtown is really seeing revitalization,” Genshaw explained. “Route 13 is seeing a complete revitalization with a brand-new McDonald’s, Starbucks, we did a ribbon-cutting there the other day.”

Genshaw also spoke of the new Chick-fil-A which opened its doors officially last Thursday, August 22. Businesses like 711, Wawa, and a new car dealership have also relocated to the town as part of a push from officials to surge economic development.

Also underway are plans to completely revitalize downtown with waterfront park, according to Mayor Genshaw, who said the plans are a part of the ‘Oyster House Project’ a multi-faceted effort amongst several groups to renovate the waterfront.

“A lot of groups are involved, but we were able to purchase some property down along the river,” Genshaw said. “They want to create a replica of an old oyster house that used to be there back in the early-1900s.”

The project would be tied into the John Smith Trail and extend the riverwalk in a bid to create an attraction to boost economic development in downtown Seaford.

“We believe it’s going to be an attraction that’s going to really boost economic development downtown and create even more opportunity for folks down there and their businesses,” Genshaw concluded.