Selbyville Library Forgives Late Fees, Fines


The Selbyville Library plans to forgive and forget fees and fines, some of which go back three years.

The Board of Commissioners and Library Director Kelly Kline announced that policy Monday, saying it’s part of a growing trend around the country. The ‘gift’ of sorts to the community amounts to more than $3,900.

Kline said it will help some account-holders with the Selbyville Library get a fresh start, because accounts are suspended when fees total five-dollars or more.

“The pandemic handed us some unique opportunities and this is one of them.” Kline said. “Anything before December 1st, 2021 dating back to December 2018 is going to be forgiven. There are no existing fees prior to this timeframe.”

According to Kline, forgiving fees will unblock about 115 library accounts, about 30 of which belong to children.

Overdue fees were suspended early during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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