Sen. Coons: Russia Must, Will Be Held Accountable For Attack On Ukraine


“The world must, and will hold Russia accountable..”

Senator Chris Coons, D-Delaware echoed the words of President Biden, following actions by Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch an “unprovoked, all-out war against an independent, democratic country (Ukraine) that poses no threat to Russia.”

Coons, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recently traveled to Germany, Poland and Lithuania. He called for Congress to s”wiftly pass a new sanctions package that ensures Russia will pay the price for this war and that Ukraine and NATO allies must be supported with additional military, economic and humanitarian assistance.”

Coons’ complete statement:

“Today, President Putin launched an unprovoked, all-out war against an independent, democratic country that poses no threat to Russia. Putin’s coldly premeditated war will tragically kill thousands of innocent civilians and brave Ukrainian defenders in an attempt to restore a sphere of influence similar to the days of the Soviet Union. My prayers are with the people of Ukraine tonight.

“Over the past week, I’ve traveled to Germany, Poland and Lithuania. I’ve met with the leaders of our NATO allies and heard their stories of confronting the occupation of the old Soviet Union. I’ve met with European partners who have a renewed belief in the ties of the trans-Atlantic alliance. I’ve met with American soldiers and pilots in Lithuania and Poland who have been training alongside our allies, preparing to defend against Russian aggression should Putin’s military turn on NATO member states. All of them wake up this morning to the news that Putin has launched the largest war in Europe since World War II.

“As President Biden said tonight, the world must and will hold Russia accountable. It is thanks to his leadership that we are fully prepared to meet this moment. He has carefully rebuilt our alliances and partnerships over the past year, leading to a united NATO and opposition to Putin’s aggression that we have seen in the first wave of sanctions from the administration and our European and Asian allies over the past several days. It must and will continue with a resolute, massive and united global response. 

“For our part, Congress must swiftly pass a new sanctions package that ensures Russia’s leaders will pay the price for this war. We must also support Ukraine and our NATO allies in Eastern Europe with additional military, economic, and humanitarian assistance, and we must stand vigilant with our allies to counter Russian disinformation. Only by showing resolve and unity, and by acting decisively with our allies, can we make Russia pay the price for this aggression and deter Putin from further attacks against the nations of Europe.”