AUDIO: Senate Candidate Stands By Controversial Social Media Post About RBG


Republican US Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke Monday responded to criticism of her social media post following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The post originally included a meme of young African-American children who appeared to be dancing in celebration of Ginsberg’s passing. The meme, a reference to Ginsberg’s past decisions that upheld a woman’s right to have an abortion, was removed. Witzke said while her campaign posted the message, she stands by it.

“I’ll never stop fighting to end abortion, Mike,” Witzke said on WGMD with Mike Bradley Monday. “Many here in Delaware are demanding we worship her career, and I refuse to do that. I refuse to protect her murderous institution.”

According to Delaware Republican Party Chair Jane Brady, she found the post “offensive and tasteless.” It drew calls from the Delaware Democratic Party for Brady to call upon Witzke to end her campaign. Brady said that would be a decision for Lauren Witzke, who said she “will not bend, and will not apologize.”

“I will never apologize for standing up for life, and I will never apologize for standing up for the lives of millions of Black babies who were killed under Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s abortion regime,” Witzke said.

Witzke was the winner of the September 15th Republican primary, and is running against Senator Chris Coons (D- Del.) in the November general election.