Senators Carper and Cassidy Introduce Bill to Expand Access to Youth Mental Health Services


Legislation introduced by two U.S. Senators including Tom Carper would increase access to mental health services for youth on Medicaid. This bipartisan bill would align federal law with laws in 27 states across the country that prevent surprise billing for youth on Medicaid who seek mental health services on the same day as primary care services. Senators Carper and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana introduced what’s called the Improving Coordination and Access to Resources Equitably (CARE) for Youth Act. Senator Carper says in the wake of a worsening youth mental health crisis, it’s important that mental health services are accessible to all children adding that The Improving CARE for Youth Act will eliminate financial barriers for the more than 50 percent of children in this country on Medicaid and support better coordinated care across providers.