Senators Coons Joins 33 Colleagues Urging Biden administration to Limit Availability of Junk Health Care Plans


U.S. lawmakers including Senator Chris Coons have sent a letter urging the Department of Health and Human Services to take immediate action to address short-term limited duration insurance (STLDI) plans, commonly known as junk plans, which fail to provide adequate, comprehensive health insurance coverage. Junk plans can deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions and don’t have to cover essential services like maternity care, prescription drugs, substance use disorder treatment, or emergency room care. In the letter, the senators wrote: “Now, more than ever, the Department of Health and Human Services must act. Beginning in April, millions of Americans will likely lose the Medicaid coverage that they have relied upon during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must protect those who will be looking for coverage in the near future, and take steps to ensure that these plans are not allowed to further proliferate…”