Several EV Bills Wait for Governor’s Signature; HB 123 Passes in House – Would Give General Assembly Role in EV Mandate Decision


While an Electric Vehicle mandate that would implement the California Advanced Clean Cars II protocols is still being considered by DNREC, several bills concerning Electric Vehicles were passed in the General Assembly – most in the last month of the session. House Bill 10 deals with the Electric School Bus program and House Bill 12 establishes the electric vehicle rebate program. Senate Substitute 1 for SB 103 would create Electric Vehicle infrastructure for new residential dwellings. All three bills saw resistance from the Republican caucus, but passed in both chambers and now wait for the governor’s signature.

The State House did pass House Bill 123, sponsored by Republican Leader Michael Ramone, which would only allow DNREC to adopt the regulations with the consent of the General Assembly. The vote – 21 to 20! The bill is now in the Senate where it will likely be considered when the General Assembly reconvenes in January.