Several Long-Term Care Facilities Face COVID-19 Outbreaks

Outbreaks of COVID-19 in several Delaware long-term care facilities are being investigated by public health officials.

One facility affected is Country Rest Home in Greenwood, where 18 residents and 14 staff members tested positive. Staff members may include health care and non-health-care personnel such as vendors and others who may not work there full time.

The source of the exposure is under investigation, but Delaware Public Health officials say it does not appear to be related to visitors. Facilities have recently applied for approval to allow in-person indoor visitation with residents of long term care.

DPH says it is working with the affected facilities to ensure that measures are in place to control infection, and quarantine, testing and other measures have been presented for the protection of residents and staff. Staff are screened daily at each long-term care facility at the start of each day, and residents are screened once a day. Repeat training is also available to ensure that each employee is aware and up to date on all COVID-19 protocols.