Update / Video: Sine Die Day For Md. General Assembly


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The curtain has come down on the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session.
Speaking hours before the late-night gavel, Governor Larry Hogan said late Monday that the session produced agreement on a tax cut package and leaves Maryland with a healthy budget surplus.
Not all of the Governor’s proposals were enacted – including tougher sentences for people convicted of gun-related crimes.

Hogan added that although the session is done, he will continue to focus on being governor during the nine remaining months of his second term.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s comments:

“We’re very excited about a couple things today—it was Opening Day for the Orioles, and closing day for the legislature. Sine Die is terrific—I think we’re very pleased with the session generally. I think it was our best session yet after eight years. 

“We were successful in accomplishing nearly everything that we wanted to accomplish. We pushed the largest tax cuts in history and got that passed through this legislature—something we’ve been talking about for a long time: retirement tax cut and helping struggling Marylanders. We were successful in throwing out the worst gerrymandered maps in America—the first time any Democratic maps were thrown out in the country.

“We’re very pleased about some of the progress that we’ve made with respect to crime bills. We’re a little frustrated still that we haven’t got the most important bill passed, but that’s something we’re still hopeful—but if the legislature doesn’t pass it, they’re going to have to answer to the 90% of the voters who support our bill and explain in an election year why that didn’t get done. 

“But overall, it was great. We record-funded schools again for the eighth year in a row. We had a great budget. You know, we didn’t agree on everything, but I want to thank our colleagues in the legislature for the hard work they put in over the past 90 days.” 

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The Maryland General Assembly heads down the home stretch in its 2022 session. Today (Monday) is the final scheduled day of session in Annapolis.
Over the weekend, members of the Democratic majority overrode several of Governor Larry Hogan’s vetoes.
A paid family leave bill now becomes law.
Another new law allows nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform abortions.

The Maryland’s Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 becomes law, without Governor Larry Hogan’s signature. It looks to take more forceful actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, Marylanders in a referendum will be asked whether they approve of a proposal to allow adults to recreationally use marijuana. That bill also becomes law without Hogan’s signature. Matters such as taxing and licensing would be taken up next year if the referendum is approved.

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Governor Larry Hogan Friday explained a few of his vetoes:

SB 275 – Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – Establishment
“Had the General Assembly moved forward with a family leave proposal that adhered to the Obama administration’s definition of small businesses, I would have been more inclined to support it. An innovative and thoughtful approach to family leave that is flexible for both the employee and employer is important to improve the quality of life in the state. However, this legislation is backed by no actuarial analysis, no viable plan for implementation, and leaves the smallest of small businesses vulnerable to insurmountable regulatory burdens.” Read the governor’s letter here.

HB 937 – Abortion Care Access Act
“As governor, I have upheld my commitment to take no action that would affect Maryland law where it concerns reproductive rights. With this action, I am reaffirming that commitment. … The only impact that this bill would have on women’s reproductive rights would be to set back standards for women’s health care and safety.” Read the governor’s letter here.

Hogan also allowed several laws to take effect without his signature:

SB 528 – Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022
HB 740/SB 566 – State Retirement and Pension System – Investment Climate Risk – Fiduciary Duties
“While I am disappointed by SB 528’s early and politically-motivated disregard for the Maryland Commission on Climate Change’s consensus- and science-based approach and economically-modeled recommendations, I am encouraged by some of the subsequent revisions to the bill that are more in line with my administration’s insistence on ambitious yet achievable climate solutions.” Read the governor’s letter here.

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