Snow Hill Receives CDBG Grant Award for Sewer Repairs & Improvements


Snow Hill Mayor, Dr. Jennifer R. Jewell, PhD., announced today that the Town has received a major Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award from the State of Maryland to spend over half a million dollars in much-needed sewer line repairs and improvements. The Town was recently notified by Maryland Secretary of Housing &
Community Development Kenneth Holt that $503,700 in federal funds have been approved to address serious problems near the Town’s waterfront caused by aging and deteriorating sewer lines.

Mayor Jewell commented, “Here in Snow Hill we are dedicated to improving our environmental performance for the benefit of our community and visitors. We have an aged sewer and water infrastructure, and this project is an important step in correcting this historic problem and providing our community and visitors clean water to enjoy in the years to come.” 

According to the Town’s grant application, “The subject of this project is a portion of the sewer infrastructure that is at the surface and runs through wetlands adjacent to the (Pocomoke) river. This section has been visibly inspected and found to be compromised and therefore the town of Snow Hill has targeted this section for replacement or rehabilitation for a decade. This project will install impervious liner inside the existing lines in order to stop leakage and I/I (infiltration & inflow) in this section.

The CDBG program is highly competitive, requiring a rigorous application process with demonstrated public support and an identifiable community benefit. Aging infrastructure is a serious challenge facing many small Maryland municipalities who are not otherwise equipped financially to meet the cost of overcoming those challenges. Mayor Jewell and the Snow Hill Town Council are committed to restoring the Town’s water and sewer system to maximum
efficiency and environmental integrity and expressed their gratitude to the State for this welcome boost to their efforts.