Some Del. Bay Beaches To Be Nourished This Winter


Several beaches on the upper portion of Delaware Bay will be nourished over the coming winter.

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, beaches and dunes at Slaughter Beach, Bowers, South Bowers, Kitts Hummock and Pickering Beach have been identified as vulnerable to the effects of erosion.

The plan is to truck in supplies of sand from a clean inland source. But, DNREC said cost and availability are factors because the same materials are in demand by the construction industry.

Site preparation will begin this month, and phases of the projects will start in January.

Further replenishment projects will be considered for the fall and winter of 2022.

DNREC stated that the project will be multi-phased. Individual communities will receive sand at different times based on the availability of sand, personnel and equipment. The truck-haul projects must be completed by April 15th at most of the beaches and by March 1st at Slaughter Beach, in order to avoid adverse impacts on fish and wildlife.

More information is available on the DNREC website.