Southern Sussex Rotary Flies Flags For Heroes, Recognizing 20th Anniversary of 9-11 Attacks


The Southern Sussex Rotary Club is flying Flags for Heroes in remembrance of the September 11th terror attacks as 9/11’s 20th anniversary nears.

The organization raised more than $14,000 through its Flags for Heroes program last Memorial Day. Now, American flags are on display at Lord Baltimore Elementary School in Ocean View.

Flags are available for sponsorship at $25 per flag, half of the standard $50 cost. Funds that are raised will go to police, fire, EMS and military-related programs.

More information is available from Steve Cropper, 9/11 20-Year Remembrance  Chair at 302-381-6005. Or, please CLICK HERE

Mr. Cropper shared this message:

Twenty years ago our country was attacked.

Both of the Twin Towers in New York City had two high jacked commercial Airplanes flown into them causing their complete collapse. That morning the attack continued when our Pentagon in Virginia had a third high jacked airplane was flown into our high level military facility. Then the fourth high jacked plane that was slated to destroy our Capital in Washington when brave passengers overtook our enemy and forced the plane into a field saving our nation capital from their planned attack.

As the night came we had grounded every air plane in the airways across our country. The main lands of our country the United States of America had been attacked for the first time since 1941 when our military base in Pearl Harbor. When the toll of those could be counted and the dust settled we lost: 2977 Lives to the hands of our enemy on 9/11/2001

412 Emergency Workers Dead
343 Firefighters Dead
60 Police Officers Dead
8 Emergency Medical Technicians

When we woke that morning our lives were good. We smiled, many had a cup of coffee and started our days. When the sun set our hearts had been broken as we learned of our losses. Since that dark day we have continued to morn with the families whose losses have continued and have died from the results of what happened that day. Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of our families have been effected. Everybody was impacted directly or indirectly. Everyone remembers that day that changed our lives as we knew them.

When the United States said “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” we vowed to keep our commitment to remember what was taken away on that day twenty years ago. We know you join us to remember! Your Southern Sussex Rotary is flying our United States Flag in a mass display at the Lord Baltimore Elementary in Ocean View beginning on September 7 th . You can support our program that will provide contributions to the “WE REMBEMBER 9/11 FUND” to our Police – Military – Fire – EMT. 100% of all money will be donated to support their programs. Donations are being received by mail and online addresses found in this letter to you. Visit our mass flag display and remember and then thank them.