Special Event Zone Covers Ocean City, Worcester Co. Through Sunday


A Special Event Zone becomes effective in Ocean City today (Tuesday) in anticipation of the annual unsanctioned pop-up motor vehicle rally, H2O- I. The provision will last through this Sunday, September 26th.

The event has a recent history of disorderly conduct. The special event zone allows for increased fines for violations and other measures to try to keep traffic moving and under control and reduce or eliminate dangerous driving and other motor vehicle violations.

Maryland State Police are urging that motorists take extra caution while traveling through Worcester County through this Sunday, September 26th. Troopers will also be especially watchful for acts of distracted or aggressive driving, speeding, improper lane changing and following too closely, in addition to exhibition driving.

More details from Maryland State Police:

The Special Event Zone is a bill that was signed into law in 2018 allowing authorities in Worcester County to designate the county, or areas of the county as special event zones on or alongside a highway during large events, particularly motor events. Maryland legislation signed in 2020 allowed for increased penalties for specific motor vehicle violations to include “exhibition driving”.

Maryland law defines “exhibition driving” as abrupt deceleration or acceleration, skidding, squealing, burning or smoking of the tires of a motor vehicle, swerving or swaying of a motor vehicle from side to side while skidding, producing an unreasonably loud, raucous or disturbing noise from a motor vehicle’s engine, grinding the gears of backfiring the engine of a motor vehicle, popping the wheels of a car off the ground and transporting a passenger on the roof or hood of a car. Violators can face increased fines, or in some cases arrest, if violations occur in a Special Event Zone.

For more information about the Ocean City – Worcester County Special Event Zone, please CLICK HERE