Special Event Zone Provisions Take Effect In OC


Ocean City has been preparing for months for the arrival of an unsanctioned pop-up motor vehicle rally. Now that the time is here, the town is hoping all of that preparation pays off.

Frequent activity in the past has included speeding, burnouts and vehicles doing “donuts,” often with rowdy crowds close by cheering them on.

In a public service message, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan assured residents and visitors that the town is prepared.

“Our special event zone will lower speed limits and increase fines. There will be heavy police presence enforcing laws, including making arrests for dangerous driving and towing vehicles. Residents and visitors should expect extreme traffic delays,” Meehan said. “Please support all law enforcement officers as they work to protect our community.”

Special Event Zone provisions will last through Sunday. According to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, the SEZ includes these routes in addition to Ocean City itself:

-Route 50 from Route 589 east into Ocean City
-Route 90 from Route 589 east into Ocean City
-Route 589 between Route 90 and Route 50
-Route 611 between Airport Road and Route 50

“Those that are law abiding and respectful of others are welcome to enjoy all that Ocean City and Worcester County have to offer. For those that are not respectful of others and drive in a reckless or aggressive manner; you can expect strict enforcement from members of this Office, along with allied agencies that are here to maintain law and order,” the Sheriff’s Office said in its own Public Service Announcement. “There will be a focus on traffic enforcement to maintain the safety of pedestrians and other motorists along with the dispersing of large crowds. Visitors and residents should expect alternate traffic patterns, traffic delays, increased law enforcement presence and reduced speeds to help reduce known issues experienced during previous events.”