State Sen. Ernie Lopez, Family Subjected To Intimidation Following Wave Of School Bomb Threats


State Senator Ernie Lopez, R- Lewes – Milton, this week reacted to the unsealing of an indictment against an Italian citizen who is charged with making threats and extorting from the lawmaker and his family.

Alessandro Calcagni is charged in connection with bomb threats that were made against schools and airlines several years ago.

Lopez released this statement Wednesday:

In 2016, students and teachers at schools in Delaware and around the region were forced to deal with repeated bomb threats which caused fear, disruption and trauma. At the time, I publicly stated to the unknown perpetrators, “We will find you.”

With the unsealing of this federal indictment, the public can now be rest assured that the perpetrator has been found. Mr. Alessandro Calcagni, the individual who made these threats and so many others, has been identified and will live the rest of his days with the shameful stain of his cowardly actions. While Mr. Calcagni directed much of his anger towards my family, we were able to shoulder the burden and withstand his hateful attacks through the support of friends and colleagues who stood by us.

We especially wish to thank local, state and federal law enforcement officials for not allowing the search for Mr. Calcagni to go cold.

This case is now resolved and I respectfully request that members of my family be given privacy and that all future questions be directed to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Ernesto B. López
Delaware State Senator
District 6, Lewes

The indictment details alleged threats and a ‘swatting’ incident during which law enforcement resources were directed to a false emergency. Also, at one point drugs were sent to the senator.

Prosecutors allege that Calcagni worked with an unindicted co-conspirator.