Statement on Impending U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Roe v. Wade


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House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst(D) and Rep. Debra Heffernan(D) issued the following joint statement Tuesday on the impending U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade:

“Today is a day we have feared for the past five years: The impending erasure of reproductive rights that have been considered sacred for the last 50 years. If this Supreme Court decision comes to pass, it will not mean fewer abortions; it will mean women will seek potentially risky or dangerous procedures and possibly face penalties. This is a dark and chilling chapter for those struggling to access reproductive healthcare – the disadvantaged, young women and those who don’t have easy access to this care.

“In Delaware, we chose to be prepared for this looming outcome and took a series of actions to protect and enshrine a woman’s right to choose in our state. In 2017, we codified the protections of Roe v. Wade into state law, ensuring that no matter what action the Supreme Court takes, the right to seek a safe and legal abortion is safeguarded. Thankfully, Delaware women will still be able to access reproductive services now and in the future. While we hoped that this day would never come, we did not want to arrive at this point without these critical protections in place.

“Moving forward, we cannot take women’s reproductive rights for granted. We must continue to break down barriers and fight to protect and expand these rights. That’s why we recently passed House Bill 320, allowing physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe medication for the termination of pregnancy, and why we will keep pushing toward reproductive justice.”