Sussex Co., DelDOT Enact Revised MOU


Sussex County and DelDOT are on the same page regarding future development proposals and their surrounding traffic issues.

County Council has approved a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Transportation to improve coordination and planning in future years. It’s the first major update to a previous agreement that dates back to the 1980s.

The ten-page accord reflects changes in development patterns that have primarily impacted eastern Sussex County.

“So much has changed in Sussex County since this original document was drafted and approved, so it’s important that given the influx of people and traffic and new housing today that we have an up-to-date road map that charts us forward for development and the transportation planning that will be needed in the decade ahead,” Council Vice President I.G. Burton III said. “Certainly, there’s no magic pill to swallow and cure all our traffic ills, but this will go a long way to better defining roles, laying out the process, and putting the County and State at the table, together, rather than in separate silos, to look at our collective challenges and work to come up with solutions that benefit the public. Ultimately, this is a communication tool.”

Under the agreement, DelDOT will provide Sussex County with traffic data before public hearings occur on development proposals.
Also, DelDOT will make recommended conditions of approval surrounding road and traffic issues.

“I am very happy with Council’s approval of the new MOU between the County and DelDOT,” Delaware Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan said. “We have worked closely to address issues and make improvements from the previous MOU that will better guide the development review and approval process going forward.”