Sussex County Council Approves Sports Center Foundation MOU & Other Action


The Sussex County Council has approved an MOU (memorandum of understanding) between the county and the Sussex Sports Center Foundation for the design and construction of a sports facility. This includes a $1.5-million loan from Sussex County to the Foundation for the same purposes. This also authorizes the County Administrator and County Attorney to draft a legal contract between the County and the Foundation codifying the legal and financial terms of the $1.5-million loan. Councilman Rob Arlett voted against the MOU and explained that the $1.5-million loan is a “big ask” and while he likes the proposal for the Sports Complex, he would have liked to see this come about in a different way. Councilman IG Burton has questioned the proposal for the sports complex from the start and said that the county has never entered into a public-private partnership before, but feels this is a good use of Sussex County tax dollars. The vote to approve the MOU was 3 to 2 with councilmen Rob Arlett and Sam Wilson voting against.

The County Council also recognized the Cape Henlopen Girls Field Hockey team for their winning 16 and 2 season and winning the DIAA Division 1 State Championship. This is Cape’s 6th state title in the past 7 years.

Another MOU was approved by the Council with a unanimous vote that would make a clinical agreement between Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and Sussex County EMS, which will allow county paramedics to practice clinical skills within Nanticoke Memorial Hospital.

Additional action under Old Business, the council amended a Conditional Use appliction for Burton’s Pond, LLC that stipulates a roadway realignment of Route 24, Hollymount Road and Sloan Road and signalization by the end of the 1st phase of work. They also increased the Saturday work hours from 8am to 1pm – to 8am to 5pm. The amended motion to approve CU 2075 was unanimous.

Image Sussex County P&Z

However when it came to a Change of Zone for Fenwick Commons, LLC – proposed for Route 54 near Williamsville, the council had an issue with increasing the density and denied CZ1827 with a 3 to 2 vote (Councilmen Arlett and Wilson voted to approve) and the companion CU 2098 with a unanimous vote to deny.


The Council is in recess – the afternoon public hearings will begin at 1:30pm