UPDATED: Sussex County Council Back in Session Tuesday


UPDATED – 04/18/23 – After two weeks off, the Sussex County Council met Tuesday in Georgetown. County Administrator Todd Lawson read a proclamation for April being Fair Housing Month. It was April of 1968 when President Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale or rental of housing – including against individuals seeking a mortgage or housing assistance, or in other housing-related activities – because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, familial status and disability. Members of the Sussex County Association of Realtors and the County Community Development and Housing Department were on hand for the reading of the proclamation.

There were two morning public hearings – both annexations to the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District – one in the Long Neck area and the other in the West Rehoboth area. There was no comment made for either and both were approved with a unanimous vote.

At the end of the morning session, Councilwoman Cindy Green thanked the County First Responders as well as state officials and all the neighbors who turned out the morning after the EF3 tornado on April 1st that touched down in the Bridgeville, Greenwood and Ellendale areas to help with the clean up and more.

During the afternoon session the council heard two conditional use applications. The first, CU No 2340 on behalf of the Inland Bays Preservation Company, LLC is for a wastewater reclamation treatment facility on Banks Road – near the intersection with Green Road. The Council approved the application with a 5 to 0 vote.

6-Unit option / image courtesy Sussex County Government
10-Unit option / image courtesy Sussex County Government

The second application was CU No 2349 on behalf of Lessard Builders. While the original application for a 10 unit multifamily building was opposed by some nearby Oak Orchard residents, Planning & Zoning also found it too much density. The plans have been amended and now a 6-unit multifamily building is planned. Three residents who initially were opposed to the project spoke mostly in favor of the new plans. Councilman Doug Hudson asked that the public record be left open for a week to accept written comment since this is the first time that the 6-unit project was shown. The public record will remain open for written comment only (email or US Mail) through 4:30pm on April 28. A vote on the application has been deferred.

The Sussex County Council is scheduled to meet next Tuesday, April 25, at the County Administration offices on The Circle in Georgetown.


The Sussex County Council is back in session Tuesday in Georgetown. The Council will recognize Fair Housing Month with a proclamation. There will also be two public hearings at 10:15 – both sanitary sewer annexations – American Storage Annexation – Long Neck area and the Mulberry Knoll Store Annexation – West Rehoboth.

There are also 2 public hearings for conditional use applications during the afternoon session. CU No. 2340 on behalf of the Inland Bays Preservation Company, LLC for a wastewater reclamation treatment facility on about 26 acres near the Banks and Green Roads area near Long Neck. CU No. 2349 on behalf of Lessard Builders for a multifamily dwelling – 10 units – in the area of Oak Orchard and River Roads in Oak Orchard.

The Sussex County Council meeting begins at 10am in the County Administration Building on The Circle in Georgetown. The afternoon public hearings begin at 1:30pm.