Sussex County Council Discusses a 2023 Rules of Procedure Amendment; Deny Frankford Boat Restoration Business

The Sussex County Council discussed an amendment to the 2023 Rules of Procedure regarding resolutions, tributes and proclamations. This was brought up by Council President Mike Vincent two weeks ago. County Administrator Todd Lawson says the amendment removes resolutions, which by Code are related to an Ordinance and require review and approval by a vote of the Council. Tributes and proclamations do not trigger Council review and approval. The change would have all requests for proclamations and tributes submitted in writing, then it would be circulated to the entire Council for further review or action. Councilman Vincent wants to research the issue further so action on the proposed amendment has been deferred.

There were three pieces of Old Business from the January 10th meeting which the Council revisited this week. Conditional Use 2329 for a boat restoration business on Dirickson Creek Road near Frankford was recommended by Planning and Zoning for denial and during both the P&Z and Council public hearings dozens of people spoke in opposition to the application. After additional discussion the Council voted 4 to 1 to deny the application with Councilman John Rieley the only vote in support. Conditional Use 2330 and Change of Zone 1969 were heard together for multi-family housing on Central Avenue in Frankford. The council has again deferred a vote on these applications.

During the afternoon session on Tuesday, the Council heard public comment on three conditional use applications. CU 2336 for a solar farm in the area of Woodland Ferry and Bethel Roads was approved by the Council. CU 2325 was a request for a campground off Jay Patch Road north of Selbyville. A couple of people spoke in opposition and the Council has opted to defer action on the application. CU 2327 is an application to allow continued sales and storage of stone, mulch, soil and related outdoor products at an existing non-conforming borrow pit west of Plantations Road west of Lewes. The Council voted to approve the application.