Sussex County Council to Continue Public Hearing on Buffer Ordinance


The Sussex County Council will meet Tuesday morning. County Administrator Todd Lawson will discuss the possible disposition of County property – with possible action taken by the Council. At 10:30 there is a scheduled continuance of a public hearing to amend the County’s buffer ordinance, which was suspended at the January 11, 2022 meeting of the County Council. While the public hearing will be continued during this week’s meeting – the Council reminds those who spoke at the January 11th meeting – will not get the opportunity to speak again. Multiple letters with additional comments have been received since the January meeting.

During the afternoon session the Council will consider a conditional use application (No. 2297) on behalf of Schell Brothers to amend conditions of approval related to hours of construction at a property on Warrington Road just south of Route 24. They will also consider two Change of Zone applications (No. 1939) – on behalf of Gerald & Valerie Campbell for a B-2 business community district off Route 13 south of Adams Road in the Bridgeville area and (No. 1960) on behalf of OA Oaks to amend CZ No 1858 relating to the workforce housing requirements for a property on Zion Church Road north of Bayard Road south of Roxana.