UPDATED: Sussex County Council Paid Tribute to Retiree Fred Haas


UPDATED – 02/27/24 – 6pm – The Sussex County Council had a late start due to a shorter than usual agenda. The Council recognized retiree Fred Haas, who has spent 23 years with the County’s Emergency Medical Services – most recently as the Shift Commander, Health and Safety Officer. He thanked the Council and the County for their support and said that he felt like a family member of the County.

In Old Business the Council revisited Change of Zone No 1991 which will bring 176 townhouses and single family homes to the Daisey and Bayard Roads area of Frankford. Councilman Doug Hudson amended one condition that would keep access open to enter and exit a neighboring property. The amendment was approved as was the Change of Zone application.

There were four public hearings at 1:30.

Conditional Use No 2409 on behalf of Bryan Stewart was approved by the Council. He was asking to run his seafood vendor truck year round off Route 1 north of Savannah Road west of Lewes.

Conditional Use No. 2410 on behalf of Nicasia Chaves Reyes has been deferred so that a restrictive covenant that disallows any commercial activity without permission can be investigated more fully. County Attorney Everett Moore will review the validity of the restrictive covenant on this property. The couple is wanting to use part of their property for a community grocery store in the County Seat Gardens subdivision north of Georgetown.

Change of Zone No. 1999 on behalf of Horacio Paxtor for a property on Handy Road in Millsboro was approved. However a neighbor to the property raised some issues which Planning Director Jamie Whitehouse wanted to discuss further, but had nothing to do with the actual zoning application.

Change of Zone No. 2000 on behalf of Budget Holdings, LLC was also approved. This would change a 6.5 acre property on Route 13 near Greenwood that is currently zoned AR-1 and C-1 to C-2 medium commercial.

The Sussex County Council will meet next Tuesday, March 5 at 10am at the County Administration Offices on The Circle in Georgetown.


The Sussex County Council will met Tuesday in Georgetown – with a late start – at 12:30pm. The Council will revisit old business – an application for a Change of Zone No 1991 filed on behalf of Sycamore Chase Expansion which the Council deferred for a vote on January 23rd.

There are four land use public hearing scheduled for 1:30pm. There are two Conditional Use applications – for a year-round food vendor on Route 1 north of Savannah Road in Lewes and a grocery store north of Georgetown in the County Seat Gardens subdivision. And there are two Change of Zone applications – No. 1999 of behalf of Horacio Paxtor for a rezoning of just over 1 acre of General Residential property to C-2 Medium Commercial and No. 2000 of behalf of Budget Holdings, LLC for about 6.5 acres of AR-1 and C-1 General Commercial to C-2 Medium Commercial on Route 13 in the Greenwood area.

The meeting begins at 12:30 in the County Administration offices on The Circle in Georgetown.

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