Sussex County Council to Revisit Overbrook Town Center Change of Zone Tuesday

The Sussex County Council will revisit the Overbrook Town Center change of zone application during Old Business on Tuesday morning. The council held a court-ordered second public hearing on the application on April 10th but deferred a vote after over 6 hours of public comment. However, a decision on the application must be made by May 10th. The developer TD Rehoboth, LLC has modified the plans for the property to include commercial property as well as a 135-lot single family home sub-division – but is still looking to have the 114-acre plot of land, which is currently zoned AR-1, rezoned as commercial. The property is along Route 1 at the Cave Neck Road intersection – north of Lewes.

The Council will also hear from County Engineer Hans Medlarz and Assistant County Attorney Vince Robertson on Chapter 110 of the County Code with an ordinance proposal to delete the chapter in its entirety and amend and restate it in its entirety.  Chapter 110 deals with Water and Sewers.