Sussex County Council Updated on Reassessment Project


After a week off, the Sussex County Council was back in session this week – including an update from Tyler Technologies on the County’s property reassessment project. The actual reassessment project began last August with data collection. Employees of Tyler Tech will come to your home and ask questions and take measurements and pictures of the outside. If you are not at home – they will work with what’s available to them, however they will not enter a gated area. Tyler Technologies has executed an agreement with Eagleview – an aerial imaging company. At the end of the update, the Council approved a motion for the County Council to enter into an agreement with Eagleview to purchase, for $59,400, building footprints already accessible through Eagleview’s contract purchased by Tyler Technologies.

Tyler Technologies Project Supervisor, Mary Nobly told the Council that as of May 4th, 19,680 parcels have been visited for data collection. This represents 11% of the full parcel inventory. Data Collection is expected to be completed by May of 2023. Property owners will receive a mailing of the information that has been collected. Officials say you should look that over to be sure the information that has been collected is correct – it is possible to appeal the data collection. If you are visited by a data collector from Tyler Technologies – you can verify who they are through the reassessment website – where photos of all data collection workers are posted – as well as descriptions of their vehicles. You’ll also find other information dealing with the reassessment process on the website.

Reassessment Website –

At the end of the Council meeting, President Mike Vincent told the Council that there is legislation pending in the General Assembly (HB 252) that would require reassessment every five years.

Two proclamations were read into the record during this week’s meeting. One proclaims May 15 through May 21st as EMS Week. the other proclaims May as Community Action Month.

There were two public hearings during the morning session. The Council approved the annexation of Brookland Farm into the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District (Johnson’s Corner area) and the Knoll Annexation into the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District (Holt’s Landing area).

Senior Manager of Utility Planning & Design Review, John Ashman reported to the Council that a referendum vote in late March of 51 for and 2 against a resolution establishing the Indian River Acres Area of the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District was approved.

In the afternoon session, the Council approved Conditional Use No 2290 for Toback Development, LLC for a contractor flex space to be located at Route 9 and Prettyman Road. The vote was 5 to 0.

Three applications filed for American Storage of Delaware, LLC were heard together Conditional Use No. 2315, Change of Zone No. 1954 and Change of Zone No. 1955 have been deferred. A neighbor to the property is opposed to the applications and has asked for fencing placed between the two properties. She also requested a deferral to have her deed and the information provided by the applicant reviewed – as they differ on the size of her property. The Council voted 5 to 0 to defer.