Sussex County Has Fastest Population Growth in DE

The US Census Bureau says Sussex County’s population grew 3.6 percent between 2020 and 2021. That was the fastest growth rate in Delaware. The estimate now has the county with 247,527 residents, up around 8,600 over the year. Kent County’s population was also up by just over a percent. New Castle County added less than a percent. Overall, Delaware’s population grew by more than 11,000, passing the 1 million mark for the first time ever. More people actually DIED than were BORN in Delaware’s three counties last year, but that was offset by a net in-migration of more than 12,000.

According to the population estimates, Maryland LOST residents in 2021. The state’s is down fractionally to a total of 6,651,000. There was growth in Worcester County, the third highest in the state, at 1.31 percent. Wicomico County also grew, a bit more slowly, at just under half a percent from 2020. Elsewhere on the Eastern Shore, Somerset, Talbot and Queen Anne’s counties also grew fractionally, while Dorchester county lost a handful of residents.

The website has a deep dive into the national numbers and trends.