Sussex County’s White Creek Next in Line for Dredging


An emergency dredge project at the Murderkill River in Kent County has been completed ahead of schedule.

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, its Shoreline and Waterway Management Section will take on another navigability restoration project on White Creek in Sussex County. The White Creek project is being put out for bids.

More than 52,000 cubic yards of sediment were removed from the Murderkill’s navigation channel, while also helping South Bowers build up protection against coastal storms.

“DNREC’s Waterway Management Program is pleased with the completion and outcome of the Murderkill project, as well as the Delaware City Mooring Basin dredging project, which also was completed near the end of August,” DNREC Shoreline and Waterway Management Section administrator Jesse Hayden said. “We aim to keep momentum going from these two important dredging projects by today publishing a bid opportunity for dredging at White Creek, and as we continue the engineering phase of several other waterway projects to be undertaken by DNREC in the near future.”