Sussex Young Republicans Chair says county could lose GOP stronghold over relocating Dems


Chairman of the Sussex County Young Republicans Club, Brian Parker is speaking out, raising concerns over the number of Democrats moving to the area, an amount that he says over time could result in the county losing its Republican stronghold.

Appearing on the Mike Bradley Show, Parker said he feels Republicans are beginning to lose their ground in Sussex County.

In an interview with WGMD’s Mike Bradley, Sussex County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Parker explained…

“A lot of folks think that Sussex is a Republican stronghold, but for me, I personally view it as we’re losing the ground here,” Parker told our Mike Bradley. “We have more and more leftist ideals coming into our county and it’s important that we start early to nip this in the bud.”

Regionally, Delaware has long been a place, especially in portions of Eastern Sussex County, where retirees congregate to live out their golden years. With that, according to Parker, comes an increased threat to Republicans.

Currently, and historically, the Republican party has long claimed the majority of registered voters in Sussex County. Parker cautions that it could change if groups like his don’t step up and increase their political activity and engagement with voters, especially around elections.

Sussex County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Parker tells our Mike Bradley…

“They’re doing it for financial reasons,” Parker said of those who relocate to Sussex County. “We’ve got great tax benefits, especially for those who are retiring, but the issue becomes they also bring their other ideals with them that tend to be opposing to the fiscal conservative ideals and I think it’s important that we be prepared.”

Political groups like the Sussex County Young Republicans Club allow voters to remain active outside the ballot box, a way to ” keep things where they need to be,” according to Parker.

“We’ve seen from the left, the very active groups, they’re the ones who get people elected,” Parker concluded. “That makes the difference.”

Parker was elected Chair of the Sussex County Young Republicans Club at their meeting Tuesday night along with several others, including Bo Shockley, Vice Chairman; Brice Ingram, Secretary; and Matt Revel, Treasurer.

As of the end of 2018, the Democratic Party saw an increase of more than 1,600 registered voters over the course of two years in Sussex County.