More Delmarva Fox Squirrels Relocate To Sussex Co.

Delmarva Fox Squirrels are moving into new habitat in Sussex County to bolster the species’ numbers in Delaware (photo courtesy of Delaware Department of Natural Resources)

Redden State Forest is now home to four Delmarva fox squirrels. Two males and two females of the rare species were relocated from Maryland to the Delaware Forest Service Headquarters Tract as part of a management program. The Fox Squirrel was removed from the federal endangered species list in 2015, and while now abundant on…

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Piping Plover Production Plummets

It was a down year for piping plover production. According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, a record 24 breeding pairs of piping plovers nested at The Point at Cape Henlopen State Park and at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Fowler Beach. However, they produced a total of 19 fledglings that were able to…

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2020 A Good Year For Piping Plover Population

Piping plover chick, 18 days old. Photo by Evangelin Von Boeckman.
Mattress Peddlers

It was a productive summer at the Delaware beaches for nesting shorebirds. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources Thursday reported that 21 nesting pairs of piping plovers were monitored, and they produced about 51 fledglings. The small beach nesting birds are on Delaware’s state endangered list. The rate of fledglings, at 2.4 per pair of…

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