AG Jennings Urges Court to Reject Purdue Pharma’s Request to Stop Lawsuits


Attorney General Kathy Jennings, along with a bipartisan group of 24 attorneys general, filed today two briefs opposing a request by Purdue Pharma to stop all lawsuits against the company and the Sackler family. “The Sacklers extracted up to $13 billion from Purdue while drugs like OxyContin wreaked havoc on Delaware,” said Attorney General Jennings.…

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Delaware Attorney General suing pharma family over their role in the opioid crisis


Attorney General Kathy Jennings Monday sued seven members of the Sackler family for their alleged role in creating and sustaining the opioid crisis in Delaware. The individuals named in the Delaware Superior Court complaint controlled and directed opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma’s two-decade course of falsely and deceptively marketing opioids, sowing the seeds of an epidemic…

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