Ellendale Man Sentenced to 35 Years for 2nd Degree Murder

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An Ellendale man has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for murder.  In July of 2017, Don Martinez shot Kevin King in the parking lot of the Silver Lake Estates in Milford as the two argued.  Martinez pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder and weapons offenses last December.  

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Ellendale Man Pleads Guilty in Shooting Death


An Ellendale man has pleaded guilty in the death of his friend last year.  Officials in the A-G’s office say 36 year old Don Martinez was arguing with his friend, Kevin King, in the parking lot of the Silver Lake Estates in Milford when Martinez shot King numerous times – killing him.  Martinez pleaded guilty…

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Magnolia Man Arrested after Milford Altercation

Police in Milford have arrested a Magnolia man after a fight at the Silver Lake Estates.  Police learned that the victim was arguing with 30 year old Michael Scott when Scott punched out a window of the apartment and made comments leading the victim to believe Scott would return with a gun to harm them. …

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