Delaware Redistricting Process to Begin-Public Input Will be Taken As Well


As the Delaware General Assembly begins its constitutionally mandated redrawing of legislative districts, legislative leaders on Friday announced multiple ways for the public to view the available data and participate in the redistricting process. Every 10 years, states must redraw their legislative districts based on the most recent federal Census data. This process, known as…

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GOP lawmakers want to reinstate the death penalty in Delaware


Republican State lawmakers want to move ahead with legislation to reinstate the death penalty in Delaware. The Egregious Crimes Accountability Act limits the aggravating circumstances attached to a murder to four categories where prosecutors could consider capital punishment, including mass murder, repeat offenders previously convicted of murder, horribly inhumane and hate crimes. In January 2016,…

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Delaware lawmakers return today for the start of session


State lawmakers return to Dover today for the start of the second leg of the 150th Delaware General Assembly. Over the course of last session, lawmakers passed a series of criminal justice reform bills, increased the age to purchase tobacco products to 21, and added an Equal Rights Amendment to the state’s constitution. Following a…

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Delmarva Power DE Customers to see Rate Reduction


Customers of Delmarva Power will see a reduction in their rates.  This comes after a settlement Wednesday between the Delaware Public Service Commission and Division of the Public Advocate and Delmarva Power.  The electric utility initially requested a rate increase that included $31-million in distribution costs that would be passed on to customers.  A petition…

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