Talk of Delmarva Fishing Report 11/8/23


Wednesday saw less than ideal sea conditions and no boats sailed from Roosevelt or Indian River inlets.

Old Inlet Bait and Tackle reported that everything old is new again. Decent-sized striped bass are being caught from the end of the Indian River Inlet jetties during outgoing water on white bucktails with white worms.

I began fishing the end of those same jetties in the mid-1960s and guess what we all used, that’s right, a white bucktail with a white worm. If I could get out on the end of the jetties today, which I can’t, I believe I would use a nice white Gulp! swimming tail on my nice, white bucktail.

We would follow the tide as it uncovered the rocks moving out and try to stay ahead of the water as the tide came back in. Did get caught on the end of the south jetty and had to swim back to the beach on one summer morning.

This is Eric Burnley with your Talk of DelMarVa Fishing Report.