Talk of Delmarva Fishing Report 04/02/24


If anyone went fishing on Monday, they were more in love with the sport than I. I was outside doing grocery shopping and it was miserable. The rain came down in sheets along with a cold, east wind and if not for my Gore-Tex rain gear, I would have been soaked to the skin. The rain did clear up by late afternoon, but fear not, it will return on Tuesday with more force and an even stronger east wind.

My son Roger fished on the Golden Eagle out of Belmar, New Jersey on Easter Sunday. He caught three big striped bass, but none were in the 28 to 31-inch slot.

If you fish in the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay be aware that catch and release fishing for striped bass is now illegal. If you catch one you had better move, because if you catch two you could be in trouble.

This is Eric Burnley with your Talk of DelMarVa Fishing Report.