Talk of Delmarva Fishing Report 9-23-23


I am sure it will come as no surprise that no one went fishing on Saturday. Seas in the ocean were at 14 feet and in Delaware Bay they were running to 7 feet. Add to the very nasty sea conditions buckets of rain and high winds plus flood tides and you can quickly see why fishing was all but impossible.

In case you haven’t heard, NOAA is going to cut the number of flounder recreational fishermen will be allowed to catch in 2024. We were allowed to catch 10.62 million pounds of summer flounder in 2023, but in 2024 that number will drop to 6.35 million pounds. That is somewhere close to a 40% cut. That will have a chilling effect on the head boat and charter fleet not to mention the bait and tackle shops.

The data they use to make these cuts is fatally flawed. NOAA admits the mail survey they send out to anglers is 30 to 40% over estimated

This is Eric Burnley with your Talk of DelMarVa Fishing Report.